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Clara Muhammad

Clara Muhammad and Education

Clara Evans Muhammad (1899- 1972), Mother of the Nation of Islam (1932-1975) was also builder of the preeminent school system,

the University of Islam. Although established by W. D. Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad in Detroit, Michigan in 1932, Clara Muhammad was responsible for its development into a nation- wide system of education for Muslim and African Americans. Clara Muhammad was the first teacher of the school which began in her home and until her passing in1972, the University of Islam and its students were her primary focus.

Under the threat of being beaten and her children taken from her by government authorities, Clara Muhammad is famously known for refusing to be intimidated by a truant officer and policeman who demanded she stop home schooling. Clara said, NO! I will die as dead as this door knob before I let you take my children and put them in your school. Her courage and diligent sacrifices sustained the University of Islam through numerous attempts to dismantle it by Detroit and Chicago government and law enforcement officials. She is credited with establishing the first Muslim home school in Detroit in 1932 and Chicago in 1934 when home schooling was illegal in both cities.

From the forth coming book: Clara Evans Muhammad: A Biography by Zakiyyah Muhammad, IMAS-InstituteofMuslimAmericanStudies. www.instituteofmuslimamericanstudies.com